The world is endlessly beautiful and experiencing it while celebrating life’s greatest milestones, creates life’s most cherished memories.

Tell us about your Milestone Celebration Dreams...  

                            We'll Transform those Dreams into Spectacular Memories.

Because we believe your milestone celebrations deserves the best travel journey the world has to offer, Celebration Escapes creates luxury experiences just for you.

  • Where your mouth waters with delight as you taste the delicasies created by extrodinary chefs and savor wines from amazing destinations.
  • You can smell the salty air as you basque in the sun and dip your toes in the surf.
  • You feel the rush of excitement as you discover that ancient civilization or tackle that next exotic river.
  • You stand in awe before a panoramic view of magnificent landscapes or ancient majestic cities.
  • You touch exotic fabrics, smell the aromas of mystic markets, hear the music of enchanted lands.
  • Your senses are buzzing with delight as you celerbate your life in exotic places the world has to share with you.

For over 20 years we have focused on Milestone Celebrations. We orchestrate journeys throughout the world for leisure travelers and professional organizations.

Our discerning clients desire privileged access and unique customized experiences to celebrate life’s most cherished milestones.

We love everything about travel and we know how to orchestrate journeys that ignite your senses. Our professional consultants are accredited and certified specialists for destinations and types of travel all over the world.  Enhancing your celebrations with spectacular inovating journeys and unique experiences is what we love to do.  

Let us show you how we turn your dream trip into a spectacular "Celebration Journey"  

Are you struggling to find the perfect destination for your group celebration?

Planning a journey for any size group can be overwhelming. Our professional travel advisors have expert knowledge and insider information. We are connected to locals in just about every destination throughout the world.  We help you select the perfect destination expertly matched to your group.

Are you overwhelmed with trying to organize your family for a destination reunion, special family vacation, destination wedding, or that special Birthday or Anniversary celebration?

Our expert travel planners effortlessly coordinate group schedules and make all the arrangements for every member of the family. Designing itineraries that WOW everyone in your group is what we do!  We orchestrate all the details and spend the time with local suppliers to insure your group journey will deliver your dreams and leave you wtih magical memories.

Are you  frustrated wtih decisions, tired of all the time you are spending on internet research; Finally realizing that you need and expert to manage your travel plans? 

You're about to be free... Our Travel Planners are experts in every step of this process. We have all the connections, experience and insider information to create a glorious celebration journey for you. You only have to spend about 30 minutes telling our professionals about your group and what you envision for your trip.

We take it from there! We deliver spectacular itineraries. Personal individual schedule coordination will save you hours of frustation. Your travel arrangements are expertly orchestrated and you don't have to do a thing.



Our Travel Consultants are intimately familiar with enhanced services and amenities, as well as rewards and incentive programs available to discerning travelers. We secure the best value for our clients and offer customized recommendations based on first-hand knowledge and expertise. 


At Celebration Escapes, we don’t want you to just see the world, we want your trip to be a magical celebration. Let us create a luxury celebration travel experience that will give you memories that stay with you forever. Give us a call and we’ll help you plan your inspiring, one-of-a-kind luxury celebration journey today.

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