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We are a company of trusted passionate travel specialists who design customized luxury journeys to inspiring destinations primarily for our client's Milestone Celebrations. Our trips are completely based around your unique expectations, interests and schedule.

They are one-of-a-kind experiences that are as unique as you are.

Celebration Escapes is not only committed to providing you with an unforgettable and inspiring journey, we’re also committed to ensuring your celebration is perfectly choreographed. When you travel with us, you can feel confident knowing we have experts in every country who are available to accommodate your wishes and needs. From the moment you contact us until you’re again relaxing at home, Celebration Escapes ensures that your celebration journey is seamless, unique, and surpasses what you had imagined.


“We are passionate, experienced and excited to design milestone celebrations that help our clients celebrate important achievements in their lives. We are dedicated to creating journeys for our clients that will reunite families, inspire relationships, create renewed fellowship with those of like faith, reward employees, and refresh the spirit of every individual. Our advisors develop experiences designed to unite our clients with personal renewal in magnificent destinations."  

Pamala Reiter, Celebration Escapes President

5 Reasons to Trael With US; Travelers today are looking for more. And we provide a lot "More" for every celebration we design. Learn how our experts create truly unique and exceptional celebration journeys customized to match your dreams.  


The highest compliment we can receive is a testimonial from our clients! Your opinion of us, how we orchestrated your travel experience and the cherished memories you have from your journeys means everything to us.   Thank you for allowiing us to create perfect celebrations for all of your Milestone Celebrations and other special journeys for you.  


  The Celebration Escapes Experience        Exceptional Group Experiences

Experience the difference with our Journeys       Learn how we orchestrate group trips



Our consultants are intimately familiar with enhanced services and amenities as well as rewards and incentive programs available to discerning travelers. We secure the best value for our clients and offer customized recommendations based on first-hand knowledge and expertise.


In this session we will define your travel budget, focus on your dreams, desires and must have inclusions. We will preview ideas and options for your celebration, and give you estimates of costs. At the end of this session our experts will be able to design the perfect itinerary to match exactly what you want to experience for your journey and Transform Your Dreams into Memories.


We arrange your celebrations on every continent; whether you prefer the far-reaches of Oman's desert with Bedouins, cooking gourmet meals with a celebrity chef in Singapore, or sailing between the fabled islands of the Galapagos. Our expertise, knowledge, and personal relationships allow us to design journeys that perfectly match your style and preferred experiences; relaxed and casual, rugged and adventurous, urban and ultra-sophisticated, or the perfect blend of styles.


Your journey will be filled with exclusive opportunities that only we offer. Our clients have savored Argentina's best Malbecs, France's famous champagnes, and Scotland's premium aged whisky. They have slept in Treehouses in South Africa, renowned resorts on private islands and overwater bungalows in the South Pacific. They have experienced private villas in Italy with celebrity hosts, shopped Morocco's souks with experts, hiked the most remote parts of China's Great Wall and Machu Picchu, watched their kids learn to shred in South Africa alongside pro-surfers, and have perfected their crow pose with India's most esteemed yogis.


Whether you know exactly where you want to go or need some inspiration, Celebration Escapes is here to guide you, and to create a journey that will surpass your expectations.

We have years of experience creating luxury travel journeys. We are constantly circling the globe finding those secret places and unique experiences are clients demand. Our inspired itineraries are developed from years of searching the world for enticng destinations and experiences that reach beyond the normal expectations.  

Our journeys come complete with expert English speaking guides whose on-the-ground spontaneity gives you the flexibility to experience more right now. We offer only those properties with exquisit accommodations, exceptional service, very special amenities and the perfect place to relax at the end of the day.

                            Our Professional Consultants & Travel Advisors Deliver Everything For You 

  • Expert Travel Advisors who specialize in luxury experiences
  • Privileged Access to experiences typically unavailable to many travelers
  • Celebrated Hosts and private experiences exclusively created for our clients
  • Local Experts in the destination who are at your command while in property
  • Creative and inspired itineraries prepared by experts in their fields
  • Total Peace of Mind – the knowledge that everything is being prepared perfectly, down to the smallest detail
  • Time Savings – we do everything leaving you the confidence to go about your regular routine
  • Ultimate Luxury Journeys with a blend of special pricing and valuable amenities 

Call us at 678-500-9548: Let our Milestone Celebration Experts create a celebration journey beyond your expectations - One that delivers spectacular memories from your dreams.

 E-mail us to inquire about inspired itineraries for your next journey   experts@celebrationescapes.com

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