Grand Weddings

Grand Weddings are massive productions that need professional direction and coordination. Celebration Escapaes expertly designs, manages and coordinates everything for your exquisite celebration, down to the smallest detail.

Our wedding consultants are creative and inspired with a passion for designing Luxury weddings which exceed our Bride and Groom’s wedding dreams.

 It’s a Grand Scale: We spend the time necessary to get to know the bride and groom and to understand all of your desires for this life-long anticipated event. Grand events are not only about the couple but also their families and often a large and extended group of friends and associates. Often these weddings will include celebrities and guests from around the world. These grand weddings require real expertise to design, orchestrate and coordinate the specific details of such a magnificent event.

Oh, Those Details:  The stress of planning this type of wedding can be overwhelming to the couple. Everything must be perfect and there are so many people who have ideas of how everything must be presented. Having to wade through the thousands of details required to plan a wedding of this magnitude requires expert professional assistance. You need Celebration Escapes’ Professional Wedding Advisors.


Your Peace of Mind:  Our wedding specialists relieve the stress and overwhelming anxiety busy couples often have by orchestrating every detail of a Grand Wedding so you are free to go about your normal routine free of worry; knowing your wedding will be perfect. Our partners, destination on-site experts around the world, work intimately with our wedding advisors to design every aspect of the wedding precisely to the expectations of the couple and their families. We design and orchestrate every detail of the wedding arrangements to insure your wedding exceeds your dreams.

Perfection:  Whether you are looking for that exclusive one day extravaganza or extended multi-day experiences, our specialists insure that your perfect celebration are your dreams transformed into memories you will cherish forever.

Beside You All The Way: We are with you every step of the way. Our Advisors don’t just say “Bon Voyage” we go with you and coordinate every aspect of the wedding and all of the included events so that you do not have to do anything but show up, relax, pamper yourselves and live your dream wedding. 

  1. European Wedding at a Historic Castle in France, Scotland or Ireland
  2. Grand Affair in India with all the family
  3. Wedding at Sea – World Cruise Segments
  4. Gala Wedding in Japan
  5. Caribbean Beach Wedding – St. Lucia, Antigua or Private Island
  6. Romantic Wedding in the South Pacific – Tahiti or Bora Bora
  7. Wedding on a Yacht Sailing on Turquoise Waters in the Mediterranean
  8. Grand Destination Wedding in Ancestral Country with Relatives
  9. Romantic Wedding in Europe – Paris, Venice or London
  10. Adventure Destination Wedding in Costa Rica, Africa or New Zealand

Our expert wedding advisors are with you every step of the way to insure your wedding is everything you have ever dreamed of and that your new life begins magnificently.

  • Just You Two - An intimate affair that is ultra romantic
  • For Intimate Families - Small families and wedding parties who desire celebrations from casual to formal, friendly to romantic
  • Casual & Relaxing - Relaxed weddings with a casual atmosphere where everything is gently presented and comfortable
  • Formal & Luxurious - Luxurious wedding presentations with a formal flair for a polished and spectacular impact
  • Elegant & Sophisticated - No matter the size sophistication and elegance can be the anchor for your dream wedding
  • Adventurous & Exciting - Throw tradition to the wind and have your wedding the way you live - on a ship, in a hot air balloon, on the slopes, in a tent in the desert, Hiking the Inca Trail

Your Wedding Deserves To Be Exceptional 
Expert Wedding Consultants who specialize in managing all aspects of your dream wedding
Creative and inspired destination wedding planning prepared by experts in their fields

  • Total Peace of Mind - the knowledge that everything is being prepared perfectly, down to the smallest detail
  • Time Savings - we do everything leaving you the confidence to go about your regular routine
  • Ultimate Luxury Weddings with a blend of special pricing and valuable amenities
  • Coordination and management of every detail of the wedding; we liaison with the suppliers, the properties and your guests, for the perfect wedding experiences
  • Privileged Access to wedding experiences typically unavailable to many travelers
  • Celebrated Hosts and private experiences exclusively created for our clients
  • Local Experts in the destination who are at your command while in country
  • Your lifelong Wedding Dreams transformed into cherished memories


Our experts are innovative and experienced in planning Wedding Celebrations that befit the occasion. A luxury Destination Wedding Celebration is one of our specialties. 

Whether you are planning a private journey for your wedding milestone, or the whole family is joining you for the celebration, we will orchestrate every detail and coordinate your group’s journey expertly. Nothing is left to chance; everything must be perfect for this celebration.  


At Celebration Escapes, we don’t want you to just see the world, we want your trip to be a Magical Celebration.

We will create a luxury celebration travel experience that exceeds your expectations and delivers unforgettable journeys to magnificent desitnations. It all starts with your dreams. We transform them into celebrated memories.

Contact us now and be amazed at the unique and inspiring celebration journey that awaits you.

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In this session we will define your travel budget, focus on your dreams, desires and must have inclusions.

We will preview ideas and options for your celebration, and give you estimates of costs. At the end of this session our experts will have all the information necessary to design the perfect itinerary for you.

They will deliver your itinerary and coordinate with experts around the world as they orchestrate your journey.


Our Experts Will Transform Your Dreams Into Celebrated Memories.

  • Our Expert Consultants and Travel Advisors Specialize in Luxury Experiences

  • Creative and Inspired Itineraries Are Designed Purposefully Just for You
  • We Arrange Privileged Access to Experiences Typically Unavailable to Many Travelers

  • You Have VIP asscess to Celebrated Hosts and Private Experiences Exclusively for our Clients

  • You Are Always Connected - Local Experts in the Destination Are at Your Command While in Country

  • You Always Have Total Peace of Mind – the Knowledge that Every Aspect of Your Journey is Being Expertly Orchestrated, Down to the Smallest Detail

  • We Insure Your Precious Time – We Manage All of the Arrangements, Leaving You with Confidence to Go About Your Regular Routine

  • You Receive Ultimate Luxury Journeys with a Blend of Special Pricing and Valuable Amenities 

Contact us and we’ll help you plan the luxury journey of your dreams

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