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Tell us about your Milestone Celebration Dreams...  

                            We'll Transform those Dreams into Spectacular Memories.

Because we believe your milestone celebrations deserves the best travel journey the world has to offer, Celebration Escapes creates luxury experiences just for you.

  • Where your mouth waters with delight as you taste the delicasies created by extrodinary chefs and savor wines from amazing destinations.
  • You can smell the salty air as you basque in the sun and dip your toes in the surf.
  • You feel the rush of excitement as you discover that ancient civilization or tackle that next exotic river.
  • You stand in awe before a panoramic view of magnificent landscapes or ancient majestic cities.
  • You touch exotic fabrics, smell the aromas of mystic markets, hear the music of enchanted lands.
  • Your senses are buzzing with delight as you celerbate your life in exotic places the world has to share with you.

For over 20 years we have focused on Milestone Celebrations. We orchestrate journeys throughout the world for leisure travelers and professional organizations.

Our discerning clients desire privileged access and unique customized experiences to celebrate life’s most cherished milestones.

We love everything about travel and we know how to orchestrate journeys that ignite your senses. Our professional consultants are accredited and certified specialists for destinations and types of travel all over the world.  Enhancing your celebrations with spectacular inovating journeys and unique experiences is what we love to do.  

Let us show you how we turn your dream trip into a spectacular "Celebration Journey"  



Birthdays are milestones that are always remembered. Make your next milestone birthday one that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Let’s face it; Birthdays are one of the most fun milestones we celebrate. Special milestones are particularly exciting. When you celebrate them with a special trip, where everyone gets involved in the celebration, they can be magnificent. These journeys create family bonds and special memories your family will cherish throughout their lives.

Whether you are celebrating your own birthday or you are planning a celebration for the entire family, Celebration Escapes will orchestrate an incredible trip that everyone will love.

Anniversaries, whether personal or professional celebrate our progress through life and the special moments we will always remember.

What a very special Milestone Celebration anniversaries are to us. When we reach a significant anniversary milestone, we want to celebrate & celebrate we should! At Celebration Escapes we cherish anniversaries as the ultimate time for a reward. Not just any reward but a reward that celebrates the extraordinary milestone which shows us just how far we have come.

Anniversaries mark our progress through life. Whether it is a wedding, a business, or a personal or professional achievement, these are points in our lives that need to be celebrated gloriously!

Weddings mark a very special time in our life when we move forward with a new partner; where we start a new life. These must be extraordinary and everything you have always dreamed of.

Destination Weddings are dream weddings in romantic and exciting locations

They are the "dreamed about" alternative to getting married where you live. When it comes to the ultimate stress-free wedding, at a more reasonable price than you can have at home, a destination wedding is a clear choice. Destination Weddings are the Number 1 choice for today's Brides and Grooms to realize their wedding dreams.

Destination Wedding options are vast these days. From the simplest of arrangements to the most lavish luxury wedding you can imagine, You can have the wedding of your dreams anywhere in the world.

Our professional wedding designers create flawless destination wedding arrangements for all styles of weddings. Every detail is anticipated and expertly choreographed to insure our couple’s experience exceeds their highest expectations.  We Deliver Your Dreams and Create Spectacular Memories.

Reunions reconnect us with those we love, we have lost contact with and those we never want to lose connections.

Nothing creates as close a bond as reconnecting with old friends or family.  Our society spreading out and settling throughout the world. There has never been a more perfect time to begin annual reunions where everyone can unite and celebrate with each other.

Celebration Escapes is dedicated to helping people find a way to reconnect with each other. Travel is the perfect wauy to renew old bonds, create stronger relationships and more real connections.

We understand how the human spirit longs for the renewal and rejuvenation that is found when we spend time with those we hold dear.

Our Travel Advisors are experts in creating celebrations for those who have lost touch or need a way to build stronger bonds and incredible memories together. We know what reconnecting after years of separation can do for our hearts. Let us orchestrate your next reunion or multi-generational family trip. We'll show you how these experiences create stronger bonds and keeps us better connected to those we love. 

Graduations start the next chapters in our lives. This is a time of transformation and arrival.

Celebrate this Special Milestone with a Grand Entrance.

Graduations are one of the most exciting milestones we reach as young people. Often this is the biggest event in our lives so far. It is also a time of transformation. Family’s lives change forever and so does the life of the graduate. What better time to really celebrate your arrival.

Our Travel Advisors really know how to make your graduation celebrations extra special. Whether you want to celebrate with your fellow graduates, gather the family for one more vacation before things change, or want to celebrate with other graduates for awhile before you move on with your life; we can help!

It's really important to take time to Celebrate your accomplishments before you move on to other stages of your life. A Celebration Journey is a Ture Reward for all of your hard work.

"Celebration TIme; Come On..."

Retirements are really special milestones where extraordinary celebrations are called for to properly reward ourselves for our accomplishments.

This is a time to mark our life-long work accomplishments and to reap the rewards of those successes. This is a time for your family, co-workers and friends to celebrate your life. What better way than to journey to a place you have dreamed of going throughout your working life.

Today our families know how hard you have worked. They know the sacrifices you have made. They want to celebrate your retirement in grand style and let you know they appreciate all you have done. 

Our Travel Consultants expertly help you plan the perfect Celebration Journey. Whether you are going it alone with just that one special person, or you are planning the family event of a life time, We can make it a living memory for the whole family. 

Let’s celebrate Gloriously!

Like-minded travelers create bonds like no other. There are many milestones related to our faiths and celebrating them together with others of like-minded beliefs creates memories to treasure forever.

People of like-minded faiths receive so much inspiration and fellowship from traveling together. Friendships are strengthened and new friends flower on these journeys. Lifelong dreams of visiting the holy places throughout the world can be achieved and so much more...

Celebration Escapes takes all the stress out of planning a group faith based journey. Whatever your faith or place of worship, all of you want to travel together and to visit the places where your faiths originated or flourished.

Our Specialists know what you are looking for. We know the best destiantions to viist. We know where the most sought after sites and the hidden secrets are located. Most importantly, we have the expertise and the connections in the destiantions to make your sojourn the trip you've always dreamed about. 

At Celebration Escapes, we don’t want you to just see the world, we want your trip to be a Magical Celebration.

We will create a luxury celebration travel experience that exceeds your expectations and delivers unforgettable journeys to magnificent desitnations. It all starts with your dreams. We transform them into celebrated memories.

Contact us now and be amazed at the unique and inspiring celebration journey that awaits you.

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In this session we will define your travel budget, focus on your dreams, desires and must have inclusions.

We will preview ideas and options for your celebration, and give you estimates of costs. At the end of this session our experts will have all the information necessary to design the perfect itinerary for you.

They will deliver your itinerary and coordinate with experts around the world as they orchestrate your journey.


Our Experts Will Transform Your Dreams Into Celebrated Memories.

  • Our Expert Consultants and Travel Advisors Specialize in Luxury Experiences

  • Creative and Inspired Itineraries Are Designed Purposefully Just for You
  • We Arrange Privileged Access to Experiences Typically Unavailable to Many Travelers

  • You Have VIP asscess to Celebrated Hosts and Private Experiences Exclusively for our Clients

  • You Are Always Connected - Local Experts in the Destination Are at Your Command While in Country

  • You Always Have Total Peace of Mind – the Knowledge that Every Aspect of Your Journey is Being Expertly Orchestrated, Down to the Smallest Detail

  • We Insure Your Precious Time – We Manage All of the Arrangements, Leaving You with Confidence to Go About Your Regular Routine

  • You Receive Ultimate Luxury Journeys with a Blend of Special Pricing and Valuable Amenities 

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